KW Guitar Society – Ten Questions for Lorne Lofsky

Based in Toronto for much of his career, Lorne has explored the many subtle faces of the jazz guitar. From this tender sampler of My Foolish Heart to this inspired recording of The Christmas Waltz with Oscar Petersen, Lorne Lofsky has captivated audiences. Joined by Barry Romberg on drums and Kieran Overs on bass, this trio will have a broad dynamic, moments of space and grace, and an open field for virtuosity.

WHEN: June 1, 2013 @ 8:30 pm – 11:30 pm
WHERE: The Jazz Room @ The Huether Hotel

KW Guitar Society 10 Questions for jazz guitarist Lorne Lofsky:

  1. What guitars and amps do you own?
    An Ibanez Roadstar and a Fender Telecaster copy..Roland Cube 60/Yamaha G50112.
  2. What will be your set up this weekend?
    Ibanez and Yamaha amp.
  3. How do you believe you achieve your tone?(strings, pick, hands, effects, etc)
    I’ve spent a long time working on consistency and evenness of touch.
  4. Tell us about your original music?
    I’ve written a few tunes…I usually improvise on standard song forms.
  5. Tell us about your approach to playing standards?
    I like things to be as fresh as possible every time I play.
  6. What are your favourite songs to play?
    Too many to mention here.
  7. Do you have a favourite scale or lick that you play?  Or what was the jazz scale that really changed your playing?
    I try not to think in terms of licks..there are lots of different scales to check’s best to learn them, and forget them…that is, one shouldn’t think about any of those things when playing…
  8. What guitarist, song or album inspires you?
    I’ve been inspired by many musicians…Ed Bickert , Bill Evans, and Lennie Tristano to name a few.
  9. What do you do to practice technique? (one or two things).
    I improvise on tunes and look for different avenues to explore..if I’m working on a specific technique, I tend to apply it in a practical way right from the get go…very slowly, so it gets internalized  naturally.
  10. What can the audience expect to hear next Saturday?
    I’m not entirely sure..we’ll be playing a variety of standards hopefully in a way that we haven’t played them before…that’s the whole point of it all.

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