Jazz Blues Review – Bill, Please

1994 Lorne Lofsky plays clean electric toned guitar bebop.  He is highly adept technically and paints clear and speedy jazz pastorals. This is a very enjoyable record that features bassist Mike Downes and drummer Jerry Fuller.  Also featured are four Lofsky solo pieces.

The production is crystal clear and its quite wonderful to hear this type of guitar playing done without the treble rolled down to zero. The drums sound particularly fine.

The materials consists mostly of standards and covers. It would be great to see more output from this artist.

  1. Production Quality:  18
  2. Relative Quality:  18
  3. Artfulness:  15
  4. Originality: 14
  5. Technicality: 18


Lorne Lofsky: guitar
Mike Downes: bass
Jerry Fuller: drums