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Lorne Lofsky Quartet with Lauren Bush (2019 EFG LJF)

Lorne Lofsky Quartet with Lauren Bush – The Chet Stream (Pizza Express Dean Street. EFG London Jazz Festival. 24 November 2019. Review by Frank Griffith) View Original Review Here Legendary Canadian guitarist Lorne Lofsky was making his first visit to the UK in over 20 years – the last time was as a member of […]

A Letter from Oscar Peterson

The following letter was written to Lorne from Oscar Peterson on September 17, 1994 Dear Lorne, This is a note that I intended to write much earlier upon our return from our last gig in Marciac. I hope that you and Marion enjoyed your vacation after the tour. Since my return I have not only […]

All Music Review – Bill, Please

Lorne Lofsky is a cool-toned guitarist in the tradition of Jimmy Raney and fellow Canadian Ed Bickert. Since Lofsky’s sound is not all that exciting, it is fortunate that he is not only an expert bop-based improviser but very good at picking out a repertoire that fits his style. For his trio set with bassist […]

Inside Out Lures Audience into Shadows

Subtle stylings highlighted by endless invention Inside Out with guitarist Lorne Lofsky, bassist Kieran Overs and drummer Barry Romberg is a subtle act. The surface of their music is deceptively quiet, dominated by Lofsky’s mild but not quite neutral sound. His fingers float over the strings, while his mind skates around whatever tune he is […]

KW Guitar Society – Ten Questions for Lorne Lofsky

Based in Toronto for much of his career, Lorne has explored the many subtle faces of the jazz guitar. From this tender sampler of My Foolish Heart to this inspired recording of The Christmas Waltz with Oscar Petersen, Lorne Lofsky has captivated audiences. Joined by Barry Romberg on drums and Kieran Overs on bass, this trio will have a […]

Jazz Blues Review – Bill, Please

1994 Lorne Lofsky plays clean electric toned guitar bebop.  He is highly adept technically and paints clear and speedy jazz pastorals. This is a very enjoyable record that features bassist Mike Downes and drummer Jerry Fuller.  Also featured are four Lofsky solo pieces. The production is crystal clear and its quite wonderful to hear this type […]

Zama.co.uk Interview

It was around 1981/82 that I first became aware of Canadian Guitarist Lorne Lofsky. A trio album released on the legendary “Pablo Today” record label called “It could Happen To You” featured the work of this remarkable new face on the world jazz scene. The album came about as a result of the intervention of […]

TD Toronto Jazz Festival Interview

Listening to veteran guitar player Lorne Lofsky is very much an adventure worth taking, especially when bass player Kieran Overs and drummer Barry Romberg are along for the ride. Lofsky likens it to “getting in a car and driving down a road that you haven’t been down before . . . checking out all the […]