Cadence CD Review

By Shirley Klett, Cadence Magazine, July 1991


These two Canadians , the veteran Ed Bickert and the youthful Lorne Lofsky, are among the best jazz guitarists in the world today. Ed played with top Canadian groups for some years and was highly thought of by those who heard him, but did not come to the attention of the wider jazz public until Paul Desmond began playing and recording with him. Lofsky began in rock and roll, got bored with it, and made the transition to jazz with Ed Bckert’s guitar style as a major influence. He hadn’t been playing long in Toronto clubs when Oscar Peterson heard him and produced his first record on Pablo Today. While each guitarist has his own individual style, both are concerned with harmonic development, both are very sensitive in accompaniment, and both use only as many notes as are necessary to develop their ideas. “Maybe You’ll Be There” is Ed’s solo showcase and Ellington’s “Star Crossed Lovers”  was selected by Lofsky for his feature. This quartet has been playing club dates in Toronto for the past five years and they work together with rare understanding. An earlier recording by this group appeared on the Canadian Unisson label and was declared to be a “musical highlight of the new year”. Their new Concord is, if possible, even better. Recommend.