By John Howard, L.A. Jazz Scene Magazine, September 1990 Concord Jazz has a couple of delights to keep you going. Check out guitarists Ed Bickery and Lorne Lofsky and their THIS IS NEW (CCD4414). Neil Swainson on bass and Jerry Fuller on drums help out as their perform Horace Silver’s “Ecaroh,” and Cedar Walton’s “Ugetsu,” […]

*** 1/2 ED BICKERT & LORNE LOFSKY “This is New” Concord Jazz : Two prominent Toronto guitarists–Bickert, 57, and Lofsky, 36–join with two of Canada’s best rhythm purveyors, bassist Neal Swainson and drummer Jerry Fuller, for a low-key collaboration on tunes mainly written by fellow jazzmen (Wes Montgomery, Cedar Walton, Horace Silver, Steve Swallow). Each […]

By Will Smith for Jazz Sounds, Sunday World-Herald, Omaha, NE, July 15, 1990 Ed Bickert and Lorne Lofsky are a couple of Canadian guitarists who are already widely known in jazz circles. One would hope that their recorded get-together, “This is New” (Concord Jazz CCD-4414), will find many new fans. Supported by two of their […]

Ed Bickert and Lorne Lofsky, “This is New” Concord Jazz, ***1/4 By Leonard Feather, The Jazz link, San Diego, CA, July 1990 Two prominent Toronto guitarists…Bickert, 57, and Lofsky, 36…join with two of Canada’s best rhythm purveyors, bassist Neil Swainson and drummer Jerry Fuller, for a low key collaboration on tunes mainly written by fellow […]

By Richard S. Ginell, Daily News, Los Angeles, CA, Friday, June 1, 1990 THIS IS NEW/Ed Bickert/Lorne Lofsky Our rating: three stars The title notwithstanding (it is the name of the leadoff Kurt Weill-Ira Gershwin tune), there is nothing really new here in a progressive sense. Rather, this is an engaging opportunity to catch up […]

By Mark Miller – The Globe and Mail, Monday, April 20, 1981 On the night of October 18, 1952, Wray Downes of Toronto was playing piano at the Saile Playei in Paris as a member of trumpater Bill Coleman’s Swing Stars, alongside the likes of trombonist Dickie Wells and drummer Zutty Singleton. The concert was […]

By Leonard Feather, 1981 “It Could Happen to You” Lorne Lofsky. Pablo Today 2312-122. This 26 year-old Canadian guitarist was discovered by Oscar Peterson, who produced the album in Toronto. That Lofsky at his age hews to the tradition of unspoiled jazz guitar, without pedals or other extraneous devices, is remarkable in itself. That he […]

By Mark Miller – The Globe and Mail, 1981 It was Lorne Lofsky Day yesterday as the third annual Ontario Place Jazz Festival got underawy. The young Toronto guitarist carried the balance of the solo work with the opening band The Brass Connection, and was a special guest of the third and closing performer, Oscar […]

By Mark Miller, Down Beat Magazine, 1980 He’s just 26; his hair is a little longer than the fashion of the day; his guitar is a Gibson Les Paul. Ah yes, another hot-wired guitar player on his way somewhere in a hurry. But no. When Lorne Lofsky sits down to play, he sets the Les […]

By Ken Waxman Practicing essential when self-taught Practice may help make almost perfect for guitarist Lorne Lofsky, but he’s proof that musical proficiency doesn’t always come with schooling. As a matter of fact the 26-year-old guitarist, who has recently made quite a name for himself within Toronto’s jazz community, dropped out of York University’s music […]

By Mark Miller – The Globe and Mail, Saturday, January 26, 1980 And Lets His Fingers Do the Walking The tune Giant Steps was written around 1959 by the late tenor saxophonist John Coltrane. It is a classic of modern jazz, 16 bars – once repeated – of harmonic treachery that can’t be taken at […]