Lorne Lofsky Quartet with Lauren Bush – The Chet Stream (Pizza Express Dean Street. EFG London Jazz Festival. 24 November 2019. Review by Frank Griffith) View Original Review Here Legendary Canadian guitarist Lorne Lofsky was making his first visit to the UK in over 20 years – the last time was as a member of […]

Lorne Lofsky is a cool-toned guitarist in the tradition of Jimmy Raney and fellow Canadian Ed Bickert. Since Lofsky’s sound is not all that exciting, it is fortunate that he is not only an expert bop-based improviser but very good at picking out a repertoire that fits his style. For his trio set with bassist […]

Subtle stylings highlighted by endless invention Inside Out with guitarist Lorne Lofsky, bassist Kieran Overs and drummer Barry Romberg is a subtle act. The surface of their music is deceptively quiet, dominated by Lofsky’s mild but not quite neutral sound. His fingers float over the strings, while his mind skates around whatever tune he is […]

Based in Toronto for much of his career, Lorne has explored the many subtle faces of the jazz guitar. From this tender sampler of My Foolish Heart to this inspired recording of The Christmas Waltz with Oscar Petersen, Lorne Lofsky has captivated audiences. Joined by Barry Romberg on drums and Kieran Overs on bass, this trio will have a […]

1994 Lorne Lofsky plays clean electric toned guitar bebop.  He is highly adept technically and paints clear and speedy jazz pastorals. This is a very enjoyable record that features bassist Mike Downes and drummer Jerry Fuller.  Also featured are four Lofsky solo pieces. The production is crystal clear and its quite wonderful to hear this type […]

It was around 1981/82 that I first became aware of Canadian Guitarist Lorne Lofsky. A trio album released on the legendary “Pablo Today” record label called “It could Happen To You” featured the work of this remarkable new face on the world jazz scene. The album came about as a result of the intervention of […]

Listening to veteran guitar player Lorne Lofsky is very much an adventure worth taking, especially when bass player Kieran Overs and drummer Barry Romberg are along for the ride. Lofsky likens it to “getting in a car and driving down a road that you haven’t been down before . . . checking out all the […]

Of all the great instructors at the festival known as Jazz on the Mountain at Whistler (or JOMAW, to those in the know), one of the nicest tones and most delicate touches came courtesy of Lorne Lofsky. The Oscar Peterson sideman held a riveting master class where he covered a variety of topics, including an […]

An Interview with Bill King Bill King: You point to one album as being pivotal to your introduction to jazz. Lorne Lofsky: The Kind of Blue album. It’s one of those things that are hard to put into words. There was something about the music that touched something in me that I’d never experienced before? […]

“When these magical moments find their way to heart and mind they will remain vivid long after the sound of music has vanished into the night.” Joey DeFrancesco, Guido Basso, Lorne Lofsky, Vito Rezza One Take, Volume One Alma Records – 2008 The beauty of jazz is that it is music containing the sound of […]

July 2, 2006 • Dominion on Queen • Toronto Jazz Masters Work Their Magic by Paul J. Youngman Sunday is traditionally a day of rest, however when you’ve been attending a jazz festival for the last 10 days, (funny how people don’t view that as work), other things that should get done on weekends and […]

By Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes, May, 2006 Stateside jazz fans and critics have slept on Canadian guitarist Lorne Lofsky. A masterful improviser with a warm, appealing tone (on a Fender Telecaster, no less), he’s a finger-style player who, like the late genius Lenny Breau, is able to get closer to the harmonic richness and chordal voicings […]

Guitarist Lorne Lofsky is unquestionably one of Canada’s hidden treasures. He records infrequently, tours rarely and prefers to stay close to his home in Toronto, teaching students at York and Toronto Universities. Enticed by the news that a new recording is in the works, it’s as good a time as any to revisit his fine […]

By Stephen Pederson, The Chronicle-Herald New Waterford native Kirk MacDonald and Toronto guitarist Lorne Lofsky first traded tunes 17 years ago. They’ve been at it off and on ever since. On Sunday and Monday nights in the Commons Room at the Halifax Holiday Inn they teamed up with drummer Jerry Fuller and bassist Neil Swainson […]

I first heard Lorne on the radio years ago; his debut trio recording produced by Oscar Peterson had been released, and everyone was talking about how incredible it was that a guitar player could even get close to sounding like the legendary Ed Bickert. Two years later he came to Montreal with Rob McConnell(of Boss […]

By Mark Miller, Globe and Mail, October 19, 1992 Lorne Lofsky/Jazz Inspiration DSRD 31081 Toronto guitarist Lorne Lofsky doesn’t record often enough to worry about too much of a good thing. Pity. A great future was predicted when he got The Big Break at 25: an LP produced by Oscar Peterson, for the US Pablo […]

Guitarist Lorne Lofsky’s first album for the Jazz Inspiration label, and his first recording as a leader in 11 years, finds him in a much different state of development than on his prior Pablo release. Gone are the blues-influenced phrases, and the direct resemblance to fellow Canadian guitarist Ed Bickert (although Bickert’s presence is still […]

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By Andrew Sussman, The Jazz Column, July/August, 1991 Canadian guitarists Ed Bickert and Lorne Lofsky taem up for a solid straight-ahead session in This is New (CONCORD JAZZ 4414, 61:24, produced by Phil Sheridan). These are two technically proficient artists with a strong sense of swing, and the twelve cuts include turne by Ellington, Horace […]

By Shirley Klett, Cadence Magazine, July 1991 ED BICKERT/LORNE LOFSKY, THIS IS NEW, CONCORD CD 4414 These two Canadians , the veteran Ed Bickert and the youthful Lorne Lofsky, are among the best jazz guitarists in the world today. Ed played with top Canadian groups for some years and was highly thought of by those […]

By Paul Wells, The Gazette, Montreal, Monday, October 22, 1990 ED BICKERT/LORNE LOFSKY – This is New (Concord) Did somebody mention introverts? Hello, Ed Bickert. The so-cool dean of Canadian pickers, Bickert seems to be playing in his sleep. But his stripped-down melodicism and metholated charm show how aware he really is. Lorne Lofsky, another […]